Welcoming Ukrainian Arrivals


In the last month, over four million people have fled Ukraine as refugees. In the sudden evacuation, many had hours, some only minutes, to gather their belongings, uncertain if they would ever see their homes or neighbors again, uncertain if their lives would ever be the same.

In the months and years to come, Oregon is expected to welcome a significant number of Ukrainian refugees. Some will be reunited with family members already resettled here, whereas others will find themselves in an unknown city, tasked with rebuilding their lives in the midst of devastation.

It seems that each passing week marks a new and grim milestone in Ukraine. With overwhelming numbers of people forced to leave their beloved homeland, families being torn apart, and children waving goodbye to one or both of their parents, we are heartbroken by the number of people experiencing this level of displacement.

Since 2015, Refugee Care Collective has come alongside hundreds of Ukrainian refugees, and we remain committed to supporting those impacted by the events unfolding in Eastern Europe. We are currently preparing to provide wraparound volunteer support, restart kits filled with essential household items, and a holistic emergency relief response to Ukrainian arrivals.

This is our small part in a global story, and we join the dozens of countries and hundreds of cities around the world in caring for those suffering immeasurable loss.

As we prepare to walk alongside those from Ukraine who will be resettled here in Oregon, we hope they will know peace and security as they rebuild their lives and sense of home.

Join us in preparing to welcome Ukrainian refugees to Oregon.

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