Partner With Us

Our work is built on partnerships in the community. Since 2015, we’ve partnered with hundreds of faith communities, businesses, and schools to serve our resettled neighbors. We depend on these partnerships and are grateful for communities who care.

Give a Financial Contribution

Your generosity makes our work possible. We rely on these gifts to continue our work serving refugee families. Additionally, if your community has a grant application, we would look forward to the opportunity to apply.

Give an unrestricted donation or support a project below. Email us here to connect on these needs and others.

  • $1,000: Sponsor a refugee family with essential Restock Kits all year.
  • $3,000: Give the gift of Family Mentorship to a refugee family.
  • $10,000: Provide long-term support to 5 families as they rebuild their lives.
  • $25,000: Bring critical assistance to 25 vulnerable families.

Host A Collection

Gather restart kits, individual items, or grocery gift cards for newly arriving families. As most refugee families arrive in Oregon with few possessions, this is a meaningful way to respond. These kits include essential household items like shampoo, bedding, and pots and pans, and welcome our refugee neighbors better than anything else initially can. View the list of items to gather here.

Donate Goods or Services

If your business has goods or services that may be of benefit, please reach out. While we cannot accept all goods and services, we would look forward to finding a creative way to partner with you.

Promote Mentorship Opportunities

We pair Family Mentors and Youth Mentors with resettled families and youth throughout Portland, and are in need of mentors. From making an announcement, sending an email to your community, or hosting a volunteer orientation, we appreciate you sharing about this need.

Volunteer In Our Warehouse

We have opportunities to volunteer in our warehouse for groups who partner through one of the other key ways here. We’d welcome you to sort through donations and prepare restart kits that will be received by resettled families.

Something Else?

We welcome new and creative ideas. Email us!

We’d love to hear from you!

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