Build A Restart Kit

Refugee families often arrive in Oregon with few possessions, and have to quickly build their lives again. Restart Kits are filled with essential household items including pots & pans, bathroom towels, and cleaning supplies, and communicate a message of welcome better than anything else initially can.

It’s a first step in saying, “You are not alone. We are for you. You are welcome here.”

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Build a Restart Kit

Select one Restart Kit and gather the items for a newly arriving family. Then, assemble the kit in a plastic tub or box and add a welcome note.


Gather Individual Items

Instead of building a kit, gather any items on the Restart Kits List. Sheet sets, shower curtains, or potholders – look below to see our key needs.

Needed Items

Needed Restart Kits
  • Kitchen 1: 82
  • Kitchen 2: 81
  • Personal Care: 0
  • Bathroom: 66
  • Twin Bedding: 10
  • Queen Bedding: 68
  • Cleaning: 92
  • Welcome: 0
  • Baby: 0
Individual Items

Build, Write, Drop-Off

If you're building a Restart Kit, include the items in a plastic tub or box that can close, and label the top of the container with the kit name. Consider including a handwritten and unsealed welcome note after reading our Welcome Note Guidelines.

Drop off Restart Kits or individual items at our next Collection Event, or schedule a separate drop-off time by emailing us here.

Upcoming Collection Events

Warehouse Address:

10160 SW Nimbus Ave, Suite F-3
Portland, OR, 97223


Dates & Times:

Saturday, July 20th from 10am-1pm - RSVP here.

Saturday, August 17th from 10am-1pm - RSVP here.

Saturday, September 21st from 10am-1pm - RSVP here.

Partner With Us

If you are part of a business, school, or faith community, learn how you can support refugee families.