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Refugee Care Collective was born out of knowing that Portland has a story it’s stepping into, not just in receiving refugees, but in how we receive them and how they become part of our city. Through restart kits, family mentorship, and youth mentorship programs, we show our care and invite our newest friends to make Portland their home.

What Is Needed Now:

• Laptops, Tablets & Cell-Phones – Donate a digital device for newly arriving families. Details here.
• Electric Kettles & Electric Skillets – We need both of these items for newly arriving Afghan families. Bring to a Collection Day.
• Male Volunteer Mentors – We are especially in need of male youth mentors to pair with junior high and high students, as well as to round out family mentor teams. Fill out the Volunteer Form here.
• Warehouse Space – We’re looking for additional commercial warehouse space to store restart kits and other donations that will go to refugee families. Looking for 800-2,000 sq. ft. in the Greater Portland Metro area. Email us here to talk further.
• Fill out the Volunteer Form here.