Agency Partners

Refugee Care Collective partners with local resettlement agencies: Catholic Charities of Oregon, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, and Lutheran Community Services Northwest.

Case managers and program managers from those resettlement agencies are invited to submit requests for restart kits and volunteers for family and youth mentorship for their clients.

• Restart Kits: Click here to request restart kits for a client. Restart kits are for R&P cases only.

• Family Mentorship Volunteers: Click here to request volunteer team for a family or individual adult. Family Mentors are for R&P, ECM, and LCS PC-ICM/PIP programs.

• Youth Mentorship Volunteer: Click here to request an adult volunteer for a junior high or high school refugee student. Youth Mentors are for R&P, ECM, and LCS PC-ICM/PIP programs.

• Gift Cards: Click here to request gift cards for a client. Gift cards are for R&P cases only. Please only submit this form for free cases or for families with considerable needs.

Thank you for the role you have in coming alongside our neighbors.