About Refugee Care Collective

Refugee Care Collective is a non-profit organization that provides transformative care to refugees resettled in Portland, Oregon, through mobilizing the city.  

Refugees are men, women, and children fleeing war, persecution, and political chaos in search of hope and a safe place to live. Portland receives up to 1,500 refugees each year, and has resettled tens of thousands of people who now call this city home.

Refugee Care Collective focuses on the current gaps in care, working within the larger resettlement community to ensure that we can make the greatest impact in the lives of both newly arriving refugees, and those that have lived in Portland for years.

Through restart kits and relational programs, partnership with resettlement agencies, and namely, the thousands of people who have given of their time and resources, Refugee Care Collective plays an active role in Portland refugee resettlement, bridging the gap between what is and what could be. We’re marked by a faith in the goodness of our neighbor and in humanity, and a belief that together, we can do more than we can apart.

This film encapsulates the heart of Refugee Care Collective, what we stand for, and what we desire to see happen among refugees and in the city of Portland. We’d love for you to join.