About Refugee Care Collective

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Refugee Care Collective exists to see refugees successfully transition from their crisis-centric reality to a thriving new life. 

Efforts are currently focused in Portland, Oregon, a city that receives between 1,300-1,800 of the world’s refugees each year. RCC equips those refugees to adapt to life within their first year of entry through partnership with resettlement agencies and uniting, equipping, and mobilizing the city. 

We believe in loving people, dreaming about what refugee resettlement could look like, and partnering with people to make those dreams happen. RCC harnesses the power of a collective, bringing families, agencies, faith groups, businesses, non-profits, and the community together to make the greatest impact in the lives of refugees. With a refreshing perspective and an innovative approach, Refugee Care Collective is shaping refugee settlement in Oregon and on a national level.