About Refugee Care Collective

Vision: Be a people that use their power to help refugees create home and rebuild their lives.

Mission: Make the greatest impact in the lives of both newly arriving refugees and those that have lived in Portland for years, through identifying gaps in care and connecting community members to those needs, through a collective, coordinated effort.

Refugee Care Collective is a non-profit organization that values hospitality – the welcoming of true relationship, presence – the belief in staying and not just visiting, unity – the view that together, we can do more than we can apart, truth – the pursuit of seeing people and situations as they really are, courage – the sacrificing of something for something better, and hope – the ability to see what could be. Through restart kits and relational programs, partnership with resettlement agencies, and namely, the thousands of people who have given of their time and resources, Refugee Care Collective plays an active role in Portland refugee resettlement, bridging the gap between what is and what could be.

Refugees are often defined by the crisis they’re coming out of. As recipients of RCC’s care, they’re defined by who they are, moving forward. That’s because our focus is on radical hospitality, self-sufficiency, and quality of care. The following film encapsulates the heart of Refugee Care Collective. We invite you to join us in this story of purpose, hope, and welcome.