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Megan Cegla

Megan Cegla founded Refugee Care Collective in 2015 to provide essential support for vulnerable families fleeing war, violence, and unrest.

Years prior, she met a refugee family of eleven who arrived in Portland, Oregon from the Central African Republic. They had fled devastating war and violence in their home country and spent several years in a refugee camp before having the opportunity to seek peace and safety in the United States.

Over the following years, Megan walked alongside this family, becoming close friends and providing critical support. She was surprised by the considerable gaps in care evident in the daily hardships they faced, and was compelled to respond.

Refugee Care Collective was founded in hopes that every refugee family would have their critical needs met by a community who cares for them. Today, with the support of hundreds of volunteers and partners, Refugee Care Collective has served hundreds of families who are rebuilding their lives.

And as for the family from the Central African Republic, they still live in Oregon and can hardly believe that their story inspired work that has cared for so many families that followed in their footsteps.

Our Team

Our team is full of passionate and dedicated people committed to helping refugee families rebuild their lives.

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Megan Cegla

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