Update for July 2020


We, like many, are finding ourselves experiencing some fatigue due to all things COVID-19. New rules implemented, old rules discarded, new rules discarded, old rules coming back. It’s a tricky cycle we’re finding ourselves in as frontline workers and some of the brightest minds around the world keep up the race to fight this disease. 

Also, like many of you might be experiencing, we’re figuring out how to keep these new rhythms of life going without burning out. For some folks in the community, this has meant just going back to life as normal, life before COVID struck our state. 

Today, wherever you land in the pandemic response, we want to share with you a simple reminder that for people in our resettlement community, going back to normal is not an option. While many still continue to deal with the fall out of lost jobs and more missed schooling for children that may be academically struggling, they’re also facing COVID outbreaks among the resettlement community that are keeping money earners and caretakers bedridden and ill. 

Our team at RCC is listening to the needs of those in the community to figure out what it means to safely and effectively come alongside affected community members this summer. So here’s what we’re continuing to do:

• Providing support and encouragement to caseworkers 

• Giving financial support toward a limited amount of utility bills 

• Finding and buying thermometers to help affected communities keep the virus at bay

• Meeting tangible needs of clients through agency staff that are finding any ways they can to rally for vulnerable folks during this uncertain time. 

• Continuing to match a limited number of volunteers to virtually connect with those in the resettlement community that can assist in English development, academic work with kids, and friendship to all. 

Thank you for the ways YOU are showing up to make this work possible today and in the days and months to come. 

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