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In the early days of refugee resettlement, some families face significant hardships as they begin the process of rebuilding their lives.

Even though parents start working soon after arriving in Oregon, many have shared about their struggle to provide essential items for their family. From dish soap to toothpaste to diapers, we believe parents should not lack the basic supplies to care for their children, and view this as a meaningful opportunity to walk alongside those we serve – not only during their initial arrival but for the years to come.

In 2023, Refugee Care Collective is launching a new program to meet this need, bringing essential household staples to refugee families on an ongoing basis. Beginning in January and continuing every quarter, personal care items, cleaning supplies, diapers for new moms, and grocery gift cards will be delivered to the doors of our new neighbors.

We’re looking forward to providing this support for larger refugee families, single parent households, and those who find themselves experiencing significant hardship for a season.

These are a few of the families that we’ll be supporting through Restock Kits next year:

• A family of eight from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The father is the sole provider for his seven children.
• A family of ten from Afghanistan. The mother is in her final trimester of pregnancy, and she’s asked for additional support in this season.
• A family of five from Syria who arrived at the end of September. Their three children are all under five years old, and Restock Kits will be incredibly helpful during their first full year in the United States.
• A family of three from Afghanistan. The father was a retired police academy instructor and worked with the U.S. government. His family left Afghanistan when the Taliban took over, and he has experienced some health issues since.
• A family of eight from Sudan, who arrived earlier this year. Receiving Restock Kits will be meaningful for this family.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to tangibly come alongside those who are in the midst of rebuilding their lives in Oregon, and we hope the message that’s communicated through this program is one that shows families that we care, we’re with them, and they are not alone.

We are looking to serve 50 refugee families through our Restock Kits Program in 2023. A $1,000 gift will bring essential supplies and grocery gift cards to one family for the entire year.

Thank you for your support of our new neighbors. Sponsor a family in 2023 here!

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