Insights from our Collection Event Partners


Every year, Refugee Care Collective partners with local organizations, faith communities, schools, and businesses, to collect essential items for refugee households. From Restart Kits and gift cards, to school supplies and welcome notes, our partners have joined in caring for our resettled neighbors, ensuring they have the items they need to rebuild a sense of home.

A few of our partners recently held Restart Kits Collection Events. They shared with us about their experiences in holding these events as well as their hopes for our refugee neighbors.

  • “One of my personal takeaways is that it is nice to think about the global issues going on and how it impacts us here locally and what we can do here locally to be a part of the solution. My hope for our new neighbors is that they get accepted and integrated into our communities as quickly as possible. That they feel love and hope going forward.”
    – Kurt Plaster, BBG Real Estate Services
  • “Some folks made putting together the kits a family project; some had their book club or knitting circle work together; others did it on their own. We didn’t hear anyone question why OJMCHE would be doing something like this; we only heard the most positive responses to our call. My biggest personal takeaway is confirmation that people have the capacity to be generous and empathic.”
    – Judy Margles, Director of Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education
  • “I am the owner of Yellow Wagon Preschool. We do a community helpers month where we learn about all the different kinds of jobs in the community. At that time we set up a board that you could choose an item from to purchase for the kits and then I put all the kits together and completed all the kits. We were able to teach the kids about giving back and helping people that might not have things at their home. It was a fun way to do the kits as usually my husband and myself just do it. We love your organization and donate to you guys 3x a year!”
    – Rachel Gonzalez, Owner of Yellow Wagon Preschool
  • “Hosting a restart kit event was such an easy, simple, and tangible way to get our church involved in loving our refugee neighbors. I can’t imagine how scary and disorienting it would be to be forced to leave your home and life behind and get resettled in a foreign land with nothing but a suitcase.”
    – Stephen Collins, Pastor of Communities & People Care at 26 West Church
  • “My takeaway was that writing the handwritten cards felt rewarding, as it felt like a hug through a card. My wish for the people settling into Portland is that they find peace here and can build a life they want.”
    – Kaitlin, Philippine Nurses Association of Oregon/Washington

To all of our partners who have joined in this work to care for refugee communities, thank you! We’re incredibly humbled by and grateful for the support you have extended to our new neighbors.

If your group would like to hold a collection event, we invite you to partner with us. Please contact us here and our staff will gladly provide you with further information, or get more information Restart Kits here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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