Families Arriving Weekly


Over the last two months, we have seen 168 Afghan evacuees arrive in Portland. One family who arrived last week is made up of ten people – parents with their young children, including a newborn that’s seven weeks old. They received a baby kit, personal care items, bedding and other household essentials, winter coats to fit each person, and gift cards to Fred Meyer. They’ll also have volunteers to walk alongside them and provide a warmth and welcome that comes through people showing up.

The week before, we welcomed two sisters in their mid-20’s, a young man who was reunited with his parents and siblings, and a family of six – all from Afghanistan.

We will never be able to replace what has been taken from these families, but we can surround them with care, opportunities, and hope as they work to rebuild their lives and sense of home.

We are anticipating many more Afghan evacuees to arrive in Portland in the coming weeks and months. In addition, in January we will see refugee families begin arriving again from other countries across the world, including Iraq, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, and many others.

This holiday season, extend hospitality toward our newest neighbors by giving a financial gift. View our Holiday Give Guide here.

Thank you for being a people that helps rebuild what our new neighbors have lost. We are so grateful for your support.

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