Our Ambassador Program

We believe that most of the world’s justice issues can ultimately be traced back to relationship. And in the same way, we believe that it is in relationship where most solutions begin. We have experienced this firsthand, because everything we have accomplished these last five years is because of the community.

As we step into this next year of work, we are inviting community members – volunteers, partners, and friends of Refugee Care Collective – to become ambassadors.

Ambassadors are people who see the value in coming alongside our newcomer friends, who understand the transformative power that real, long-term presence can have in someone’s life, and who want to be a part of a narrative that actually brings hope to those most vulnerable in our city.

As an ambassador, you’ll host a virtual gathering of at least five people, utilizing our Zoom interface. A Refugee Care Collective team member will join you to share stories from these last five years and vision for the next five, while answering questions and inviting your friends and family to partner in helping refugees rebuild their lives here in Portland.

Together, we’ll build capacity to welcome increasing numbers of new arrivals.

Our hope is that you would become an extension of Refugee Care Collective, not acting merely as a volunteer, but empowered as an Ambassador to uniquely represent Refugee Care Collective and to connect with your personal community in a way that we cannot.

Ambassador Ask:

• Host a one hour virtual gathering with at least five people in your community. Invite as many people as you’d like!

• Through this gathering, raise $250 per month in recurring donations that continue for the next year. Our hope is to have at least five people giving monthly to meet this $250 amount. For example, five people giving $50 every month for the next year, or ten people giving $25 every month, and so on.

Our Commitment To You:

• We’ll join you for the virtual gathering! A Refugee Care Collective team member will co-host this event with you, sharing stories and answering questions from those invited.

• We’ll provide you with an overview of Refugee Care Collective programs, highlighting our impact from the last five years and needs for this next one.

• You’ll be able to monitor financial donations and personally thank those that are choosing to step in and support refugee families this way.

Next Steps:

We know that together we can do far more than is possible apart. If you’re interested in becoming a Refugee Care Collective Ambassador, email Matt Meron at matt@refugeecare.org.

Thank you for inviting those around you to join into this work of caring for refugee families.