Youth Mentorship Program

Adjusting to life in America can be especially difficult for young refugees. As their families strive to become self-sufficient, many refugee youth need the stability that comes from additional support and meaningful engagement.

We believe that every youth deserves a positive environment to learn, grow, and come into understanding of who they are. Through mentorship, cultural instruction, and guidance, youth are empowered in all aspects of life, enhancing their cultural adjustment and integration.

Youth mentors engage in one-on-one friendship with a refugee student, providing regular, ongoing support for six months. The mentor serves as a role model and advocate for their junior high or high school student, spending 2-3 hours per week meeting with one another. Participants in this program are often in need of additional social, academic, or emotional support as they transition to life in Portland. Youth students benefit from recreational activities, exploration of interests, goal setting, possible schoolwork help, and having a trusted friend.

Potential volunteers attend an Info Night or a one on one meeting, fill out an application, and agree to a background check. Registration for the RCC Fall New Volunteer event has closed. Email us here to be notified of future events.

We are looking for business owners that would like to participate in our Youth Mentorship Program through offering free workshops, activities, or tickets to events. If interested, please contact Megan Tragethon at