• Seeing refugees successfully transition
    from their crisis-centric reality
    to a thriving new life in Portland.

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  • Every year, Portland churches
    give a collective gift
    to a justice-related initiative.
    This year, it’s refugee care.

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  • Restart Kit Collection Day:
    Saturday, January 21st

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  • Give a financial donation
    to support the mission of
    caring for refugees in Portland.

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“If you look into the vulnerable and exceedingly human eyes of a refugee, there would no longer be any room for fear in light of the tender humanity looking back at you.”

With over 60 million people displaced around the globe today, we’re facing the worst humanitarian crisis of our time since WWII. Refugee Care Collective equips refugees to adapt to life within their first year of entry through partnering with local resettlement agencies and mobilizing the city of Portland. We desire to see Portland be a place that’s known for welcoming and loving refugees well. You’re invited to join.