The Problem

It’s hard to imagine being forced to leave your home because you’re living in constant fear for your life and the lives of your family. Sadly, this is a harsh reality for over 21 million people (over 50% of them being children), that have no choice but to courageously step into an uncertain future as they leave all that they know behind.

Inevitably, often long-term violence and other difficult living conditions brought on by conflict force them to leave their homes, family, friends, and all belongings that can’t be carried on their backs. Many have experienced trauma in a war zone, many have undergone unimaginable persecution and tragedy, and many know nothing but fear. They still cling to a distant hope where violence is replaced with peace.

Most refugees arrive to Portland with next to nothing, knowing no one, while lacking cultural familiarity. Understandably, they’re afraid and unsure of how they’ll start their lives over. While they’re provided with a small amount of funding for an apartment and food, what they need most is the support that comes from people willing to help them adapt to life in a new place.