Restart Kits Program

Refugees arrive to Oregon with few possessions, and have to quickly build their lives again. Restart kits are plastic tubs filled with essential household items. A complete set is formed by eight unique restart kits, one for each area of the home. The kits are distributed to local resettlement agencies, service providers, and community members who give them directly to newly arrived families and those in need.

With each restart kit that’s put together, we’re reminded that it’s small actions that change realities. While kits meet a practical need, they do much more. They symbolize hope and communicate the message of welcome better than anything else can. It’s a first step in saying, “You are not alone. We are for you. You are welcome here.”

To the city of Portland: Thank you for your support! We’re grateful for all the ways you continue to show up. Because of you, our refugee friends have bedding, pots and pans, bath towels, and tea. Apartments have been turned into homes. The burden of adapting to life in a new country is shared, and our newest neighbors from across the world know that you are for them.

IMPORTANT – Before you build a restart kit, please note:

Our warehouse is not regularly staffed. Please only drop off restart kits during the scheduled Collection Days below. We are so grateful for your donation, but our team doesn’t have the capacity for added drop-offs.
• At this time, we ask that all items in restart kits be new, to honor those newly arriving to Portland. We are not able to accept items that are not listed below. (If you have something else you’d like to give, just email us and ask!)
• We have a general need for all kits. It can be ideal to put together a variety of kits, to help keep all kits replenished, but feel free to only focus on one or two if you’d like.
• We do not accept clothing, apart from new or gently used winter coats.
• If you are planning to schedule a drive / collection, please email us first. We may not have the capacity to accept the donations and are currently only accepting donations during scheduled Collection Days. We are scheduling drives / collections for November 2021 and through 2022.
• We are also in need of gift cards from Winco, Fred Meyer, and Target. Bring to a Collection Day or mail them to the warehouse address below. Thanks!


How To Build A Restart Kit:

• View the Restart Kit List and choose the one you want to build.
• Gather new items and place them in a plastic tub or box that can close. Please do not tape the container.
• Consider including a handwritten and unsealed welcome note with your kit, after reviewing our Welcome Note Guidelines.
• Label the top of the container with the restart kit name.
• Drop the kit off at the next Collection Day!

Refugee Care Collection Days:

• Saturday, October 23rd: 12-3pm – 10160 SW Nimbus Ave, Suite F-3, Portland, OR 97223

Due to COVID-19, we are asking that everyone wear a mask, even while our drop-offs occur outdoors. Thank you!

Added Directions: We ask that you drop your donation off at the back of the building (warehouse door: F3b). You’ll find us at the welcome mat!

Host A Collection Day:
We work with schools, faith communities, and businesses to host Collection Days. If you would like to host one, please email us at We are scheduling drives / collections for November 2021 and through 2022.