Referral Form for Volunteers
(Family Mentorship)

The purpose of this form is to recommend resettled clients for Family Mentorship, which provides volunteers to a refugee family or individual.

A family mentor works individually or as part of a small team, to befriend a refugee(s) by providing regular ongoing support. The goal is to empower the individual or family to be self-sufficient. The mentor comes alongside as an advocate and friend, as the resettled person navigates their new home and accesses local resources like public transportation, grocery shopping and more.

• Refugee Care Collective partners with all local resettlement agencies. This program is for R&P, ECM, and LCSNW PC-ICM and PIP programs. It is for those with current or prior refugee status, as well as for those from Afghanistan who were granted humanitarian parole.
• Please fill out this form to the best of your ability. We will not contact potential clients without contacting you first.
• This form is not for volunteers to do transportation or one-off requests. It is for long-term volunteers to support a family or individual for one year.

If you have not heard back within 48 hours, please email directly.