Getting Ready for School


This month, we were able to come alongside 42 refugee households that had not previously received care from Refugee Care Collective. From distributing backpacks and school supplies to kids, to coming alongside mentors as they provide support to parents getting their children ready for school, it’s been a beautiful time of seeing so many families excited for the opportunity their children have to attend school.

The father of one family lived in a refugee camp for 14 years, and many of his children were born there. He shared with us how grateful he is that his children now have opportunities that weren’t available to him.

We’ve also paired several new mentors with families and youth this month, and provided social activities for families, youth, and mentors to enjoy together.

A few stories our team has been encouraged by this month:

• One mentor has been meeting weekly with a young woman from Tanzania, and they have been figuring out which classes she should take at Mt. Hood Community College. She hopes to become a nurse, as she wants to help people like she’s been helped.

• A few months ago, mentors were paired with an Afghan family of four who arrived last year. They continue to form a deeply meaningful friendship, and it’s beautiful to learn how much the volunteers are supporting this family in such tangible ways, even getting the family’s 5-year old ready to begin kindergarten.

• We have been able to come alongside several families who are expecting babies. Through gift cards, new carseats and baby restart kits filled with diapers, baby wipes, and onesies, we joined in welcoming their little ones!

• A mother and her five children, ages 2-11 years old, just arrived from Afghanistan. We welcomed them with a full set of restart kits, winter coats, as well as backpacks filled with school supplies. A small gift to this single mom who has such a difficult journey ahead of rebuilding for herself and for her children. We look forward to providing continued support.

• A family of eight from Sudan went to the Oregon Zoo for the first time, with their mentors. They have been walking alongside for several months now, and shared, “This family is a blessing to us – I believe we will be lifelong friends!”

We are eager to see so many of these stories continue to unfold this fall.

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