Mentorship Programs So Far This Year


Since the beginning of the year, 54 individuals from 13 households from countries including Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Eritrea have been paired in relationships with volunteers committed to coming alongside them. For many families, these relationships began at a crucial time as some young people were navigating their new school year, parents were seeking English language learning, and others were in need of support with the medical system or in need of community.

  • One mother of four from Afghanistan told us how lonely life in the United States has been since her family arrived last year. She shared that she has so longed to make friends that she’ll linger outside when taking the trash out, in hopes of meeting one of her neighbors. We recently paired her with a family mentor team, and she’s elated to build a relationship with them as she explores her new home in Oregon.
  • A family of four from the Democratic Republic of Congo was also recently paired with a family mentor team. The mother has a deep desire for her children to do well in school, as she had been unable to attend formal education and is preliterate in her native language. She was paired with a mentor who was a former educator and will provide incredible support to her and her children.
  • A family of eleven from Afghanistan were introduced to another family mentor team, who will provide support through medical appointments, building the parent’s English language skills, and coming alongside the children as youth mentors. One mentor is planning to teach the father how to drive as his commute time for work is currently three hours every day.
  • A youth boy from Eritrea who was struggling academically was paired with a youth mentor who’s committed to providing academic and holistic support.

These stories are a glimpse of the many lives that continue to be impacted through our Family Mentorship and Youth Mentorship programs. Through these relationships, we not only see a meaningful impact in the lives of our new neighbors, but for the mentors who have committed to provide care and tangible support as well.

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