2022 Hotel Kits for Afghan Families

Afghan families are arriving to Oregon weekly and many are staying temporarily in hotels while an apartment is identified and set up. Refugee Care Collective has been asked to put together Hotel Kits for these families who do not yet have an apartment to move into. These families will receive all other restart kits upon moving into an apartment, and bring their Hotel Kit items to their new home as well.

To fill this request, we’re working directly with communities who can put together ten or more Hotel Kits.


How To Build A Hotel Kit:

• View the list of items below, and consider putting ten or more Hotel Kits together. The average value, including a plastic bin, is $165 per kit, though these kits can be put together for less.
• Gather new items and place them in a plastic tub or box that can close. Please do not tape the container.
• Consider including a handwritten and unsealed welcome note with your kit, after reviewing our Welcome Note Guidelines.
• Label the top of the container with the restart kit name (Hotel Kit).
• Email us here to set up a drop-off time for ten or more kits.


Hotel Kit List of Items:

• Umbrella
• Electric kettle – Example here.
• Electric skillet – Example here.
• Coffee mugs for 6 (glass is ideal) – Example here.
• Garbage bags (13 gallons is ideal)
• Small paring knife – Example here.
• Dustpan and brush
• Laundry detergent
• Dish soap
• Pack of sponges

Families will also initially receive a Personal Care Restart Kit as well.


Before you build this kit, please note:

• Our warehouse is not regularly staffed. Please only drop off kits during a scheduled time.
• At this time, we ask that all items in these kits be new, to honor those newly arriving to Portland.
• Due to COVID-19, we are asking that everyone wear a mask during Collection Days or drop-offs, even while they occur outdoors. Thank you!