In Home English Tutoring Program

Most refugees are faced with the challenge of having to navigate through life in Portland while not being able to speak English when they first arrive. It’s one of the greatest hindrances for those resettling in Oregon.

Refugee Care Collective brings English instruction into the living rooms of refugees. The In Home ELD (English Language Development) Program empowers English language learners to understand and speak with confidence in the world around them. In doing so, it gives the tools to accomplish daily tasks and life skills. Students are able to seek employment, help their children in school, sustain their family’s health, and adapt to life in the United States. It also bridges the barrier that not having the language of English can cause, combatting isolation and the feeling of being alone.

Through one on one relationships, the refugee individual and volunteer work through a written curriculum, meeting weekly in the refugee’s home for eight months. This program brings English instruction to those who need it the most, and unlocks opportunities for people who would’t have them otherwise. ELD tutors are matched based on gender and geographical location. While valuable, teaching experience is not required.

Potential volunteers attend a Volunteer Orientation, fill out an application, and agree to a background check.

To inquire about volunteering or attending virtual orientation, email us here.

This program reaches refugees that are unable to attend community classes due to unavoidable limitations. For other volunteer opportunities, RCC encourages people to work with the organizations listed here.