Building Capacity To Welcome


We are eager to share some news with you!

Earlier this month, the Biden/Harris administration raised the annual refugee admissions cap to 62,500 for this fiscal year. This means that up to 62,500 vetted and waiting refugees will be allowed to be resettled in the United States through September, with an expectation for that number to double to 125,000 the following year. This is a significant increase from the previous admissions cap of 15,000 people.

These are families fleeing war, violence and persecution, and many who have waited for years to be reunited with family members. Here’s what this means for us:

• We are all hands on deck, gearing up for many new arrivals in Portland in the coming weeks, and even more so as we move toward the fall and prepare for the new year.

• We are currently building additional capacity – expanding our Youth Mentorship program, stocking up on Restart Kits, and preparing to walk alongside newly arriving families through Family Mentorship.

• We need your support! From building Restart Kits, to volunteering for relational programs, to essential monthly donations, we will rely on the support of our community to meet the needs of coming alongside these families.

We are encouraged to see opportunities to welcome some of our global community’s most vulnerable people in finding a new place to call home, and we can’t wait to see the ways our Portland community will respond to these growing numbers of new neighbors finding refuge here in the months to come.

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