Refugee Care Collective Team

Megan Tragethon, Co-Founder & Executive Director
Megan Tragethon is responsible for the vision, strategy, and execution of Refugee Care Collective programs. Megan has worked with refugees in Portland, Oregon for nearly ten years, and speaks on refugee resettlement to national audiences. She’s passionate about equipping leaders with best practices, harnessing the power of a collective, and providing transformative care to refugees.

Holly Rodriguez, Relational Programs Coordinator
Holly Rodriguez is responsible for recruiting, vetting and matching volunteers with refugee families. She works closely with the case management staff at Lutheran Community Services to ensure that incoming families are well cared for during their transition to life in Portland. Holly’s background is in teaching English as a Second Language to refugees, immigrants, and international students, and she’s committed to seeing refugees restored and thriving in their new lives in Portland.

Founding Board
Michael McDonald is the Founder and Director of Hear The Cry, and works in a number of countries including Iraq, Somalia, India, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Haiti, and Nicaragua. Michael also serves as a senior advisor to the Ugandan Consulate Bob Goff. He is passionate about being a voice for those that are silenced and an advocate for refugees all over the world through long term, relational care.

Christopher Coffman is the Associate Pastor of Outreach of River West Church. As one of the co-founders of Refugee Care Collective, Christopher’s passion is to unite local churches to love and serve refugee families in Portland. In addition to mobilizing local efforts, he also mobilizes teams to support and care for the vulnerable internationally. He also serves on the city’s steering committee for sexually trafficked children.