Give refugee families what they need to rebuild their lives.

Together, we have the power to restore home, bring back that which was lost, and change people’s realities.

Your gift will provide restart kits, English tutoring, and daily support to families from war-torn countries. You’ll help refugees adapt to life in the United States, while giving them a sense of belonging and rebuilding their sense of home.

Join our Monthly Giving Community, and partner with us in bringing hope to all refugees resettled in Oregon. Let’s bridge the gap between what is and what could be.

Individual Programs & Projects:


Our In Home English Tutoring program teaches and empowers refugees to speak with confidence in the world around them. A $50 donation allows someone to join this six month program, or cover a student book for $20 or a teacher’s manual for $30.


Restart kits are filled with essential items that give refugee families the start of what they need to rebuild their lives. Give any amount you’d like, or gift a full restart kit ranging in price from $30-$125.


Local resettlement agency staff and service providers work tirelessly to resettle families. With a decrease in federal funding, there’s fewer people to carry the workload. Invest in those that have dedicated their lives to caring for refugees.